What is Back in Stock Alerts?

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What is Back in Stock Alerts?

Back in Stock Alerts allows your customers to receive a notification when their desired products get restocked if they opt for it. These notifications ensure they will be made aware of the availability of the product so they can order right away in case the product sells out again. No need for them to send inquiries about when the product will be back in stock or keep checking on the page waiting for its return!

You as well can benefit from using the app since customers will be alerted as soon as you restock without the need to manually send out emails informing them. This means customers who want the product will be the first to know when it's back in your store!

How does it work?

This app works by displaying a Subscribe Form on the page of a sold-out product. When the customer browsed through this product, he can click on the Notify button on the form so he can receive a notification or an email when the product becomes available.

Also, this app is one hundred percent free, with no hidden charges or whatsoever! You can install it and enjoy it without worrying about monthly bills and keeping up with payments. 

Common questions

Does this app work with other email clients aside from Gmail?
Yes! Back in Stock emails work in every email client and not just Gmail.

Does the app work per variant or per product?
The app works per variant. The floating button will only appear if the selected variant of the product is the one that is out of stock. 

Can I choose which specific products or variants the alerts will apply?
No, this is not possible. The app relies on the data gathered from the inventory in your Shopify admin. As soon as the inventory of a product or a variant of one of your products goes down to zero, the app would automatically detect it and apply the setting.

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