Setting up the app for the first time

Setting up the app is as easy as 123! After installing it, all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions that are simple and straightforward. The steps below will be a helpful guide.

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Setting up the app

Launch the app and click the Start button.
The next page will show you the default texts for the Title and Description of your Back in Stock notification. You can change these texts if you prefer to do so to have a more customized look.
The Preview section shows how the notification will appear. Click Preview and Continue to proceed to the next step.
Click Send Test Notification.
Click Continue.
The next step shows the texts that will appear for customers' subscriptions if they want to be notified of the availability of their desired products. On this page, you can change these texts and their style if you wish to do so.
Click Save and Finish to complete the setup.
That's it! The setup is now complete.

If you need help, click No - I need support as displayed above or simply contact us by emailing "". Otherwise, you're ready to go!

Common Questions

Does the app work in mobile view?
Yes, the app works fine in the mobile view. Your customers will be able to see the floating button, will be able to subscribe to the product, and receive a notification when it becomes available.

Will this app work with an iPhone?
Unfortunately, the iPhone does not currently support browser notifications. However, we have just released an update that allows sending emails that will be used when a customer is browsing from an iPhone! This is a good workaround so customers can still receive notifications through their emails.

Will notifications still be sent if the product's inventory tracking is disabled?
No. The app is dependent on the inventory of the product to detect its remaining quantities to be able to determine its availability. If customers have already subscribed to an out-of-stock product and its inventory tracking is disabled afterward, the app will not be able to detect its availability/unavailability anymore. If this is the case, the product will appear as in-stock when a customer browses its product page since this is the default setting.

Can I set the app to label products as out-of-stock even if they are in stock?
The pricing and the inventory of the products in your store are based on how they are set in your Shopify admin and our app does not have any control over that. The app can only determine whether a product is in-stock or out of stock based on the data gathered from its inventory in Shopify.

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